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Biometric Locks

The Biometric or “Finger Print” Reader System is ideal for controlling access as well as maintaining an audit trail of who comes and goes. This system totally removes the need for any type of key or card. As long as you have your hand or finger you will be able to gain access.

Biometric fingerprint lockStand Alone Finger Print Reader Lock

These Biometric locks are ideal for smaller applications where there are only a few doors that need to be secured. These locks typically can store up to 99 users and some have an internal audit trail.

Biometric fingerprint readerFinger Print Reader

Finger Print Readers are a great solution to physical keys. These readers allow the user to gain access without having to keep up with any keys!

Biometric Hand Reader Hand Reader

Similar to the Finger Print Reader, the Hand Reader or “Hand Key” reads the entire hand. This is the ultimate in Biometric Readers!

Biometric Finger Print ReaderControl Access

With the Biometric Reader systems that we carry, you are able to control what areas of your facility your people are allowed to access. You will be able to easily change privileges with this system with a click of your mouse!

Biometric Hand Reader Hand KeyControl Access Times

These Biometric systems not only allow you to control what areas of your facility your people are allowed to access, but gives you the ability to control what time and days that they will be allowed to access those areas.

Biometric Finger Print SafeAudit Trail

Audit trail is a very nice feature that these Biometric systems incorporate. This feature gives you the ability to check on your people and see when and where they are accessing your facility.

Biometric Finger Print ReaderNetworkable

Most of the Biometric systems we carry are networkable. This is a very nice feature, because it gives you the ability to link several facilities together on to one system! Doesn’t matter if your other building is 50 feet away, 50 miles away, or more! It also gives you the ability to logon from any computer over the internet to view statuses or make changes.

Biometric Finger Print Reader

Last but definitely not least. The Biometric system is the ultimate way to reduce the number of keys you have to carry with you!

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