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Door Closers

What good is a lock if the door doesn’t get closed? Door closers are an essential part to security and keeping your heating and cooling bills down!

Door Closer 1Standard Door Closers

These door closers are the most common door closers found on businesses. They serve their purpose well. They come in a variety of grades, strengths, and finishes depending on your needs.

Door Closer 2Concealed Door Closers

These are the door closers that you never see, but obliviously you know they are there. These Door Closers mount inside the door frame and the only exposed part is the arm used to pull the door closed. These are typically found on Glass Aluminum Store Fronts.

Door Closer 3Gate Closers

The most common Gate Closers used on gates really are not true closers… They are actually gate “Slammers”. Gate slammers have a purpose in keeping the gate closed, but do not slow down as the gate reaches the jam. For some applications this maybe acceptable, however if you have any kind of lock on your gate a slammer will inevitably beat it to pieces. However, a gate closer is the best solution for closing gates and preserving the longevity of your locks.

Door Closer 4Specialty Door Closers

If you have a unique situation where a Standard Door Closer does not adequately meet your needs there are quite a few Specialty Door Closers you can choose from. For more information on Specialty Door Closers please contact our Sales Team for more information.

Finishes and Styles

For more information on any of our products please contact our sales department.

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