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High Security Locks

There are many different types of High Security Locks as there are Manufactures. Each Manufacture utilizes their own unique security system.

Schlage Primus High Security Key

Schlage Primus

Primus provides exceptional security by enabling you to control access to your facility. Schlage uses multiple patents on their high security keys to provide you with a legally backed guarantee of geographic exclusivity on your keys, which means that keys cannot be made for your facility without your authorization. The patented Primus dual-locking mechanism provides superior pick resistance whether you choose to use High Security UL437 drill resistant cylinders, Controlled Access cylinders or a mixture of both.

High Security Schlage Everest KeySchlage Everest

Everest product family allows you to customize the level of security in your facility. By combining the various types of patented Everest cylinders, you can tailor your security to meet your needs and your budget. Simply install conventional Everest cylinders on the unrestricted areas of your facility and use High Security Everest cylinders for the restricted areas. With a customized system, Everest keyholders can be permitted access to any area of your facility while keyholders with conventional Everest keys are only permitted access to the less sensitive areas.

High Security Medeco CylindersMedeco

Medeco® designed its high security product line with pick and drill resistant features that block the things thieves do to gain entry. When a thief sees Medeco locks on your interior or exterior doors, file cabinets, gates and other secure areas, they might decide it is not worth the risk.

High Security ASSA Key and CylinderASSA

ASSA locks employ a patented dual locking mechanism that renders the lock virtually pick proof. This unique operation has allowed ASSA to develop a patented key control system which protects against unauthorized duplication of keys and that can be master keyed into a security system to fit any customer's needs.

High Security MUL-T-LOCK Key MUL-T-LOCK

Mul-T-Lock® high security cylinders have a unique telescopic pin tumbler mechanism with internal and external pins. Both the internal and the external shear lines must be aligned simultaneously in order for the plug to rotate. The Mul-T-Lock patented plug has a unique structure. When the top and bottom pins, plug and body meet, a three-dimensional shear line is formed to an almost perfectly spherical shape. Drill Resistant Steel inserts ensure anti-drilling resistance.

Finishes and Styles

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