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Padlocks come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and functions.

Rekeyable Padlock

Rekeyable Padlocks

These padlocks are a great addition to a business or home. Rekeyable padlocks can be keyed to fit an existing key you already have. For instance, these locks can be keyed to match your front door of your business or home. Also, when the time comes to rekey your facility these locks can once again be rekeyed to any desired key!

Long Shackle PadlockLong Shackle Padlocks

We carry a wide range of long shackled padlocks from 1 inch all the way past 10 inch! What ever your situation calls for we have a shackle size that will fit it!

Heavy Duty PadlockHeavy Duty Padlocks

A Heavy Duty Padlock can be the answer to a situation where the average padlock just isn’t holding up. Our Heavy Duty Padlocks come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your unique situation.

Combination Padlock with Bypass KeyCombination Padlocks with Bypass Key (School Locks)

Combination Padlocks with a Bypass Key or better known as “School Locks” can be an excellent choice for coaches, teachers, and businesses for there lockers or other storage devises. These Padlocks allow you to give out a unique combination while you keep a bypass key that will open all of the padlocks.

Combination PadlockCombination Padlocks with Changable Combinations

No more having to memorize a new combination or worrying about giving out your current combination. A Combination Padlock with changeable combination feature allows you to choose your desired combination and reset it!

Protected Shackle Padlocks

Most commonly seen on storage units and sheds, these Protected Shackle Padlocks make a good deterrent for warding off burglars. When a burglar sees these padlocks most the time they will just go on and pass you by, because they know how much work it is going take to “try” and defeat these locks!

Armored Shackle Abus PadlockArmored Shackle Padlocks

Another good choice of padlock, Armored Shackled Padlocks provide extra protection for your shackle while still giving you the easy of access with your key. These padlocks can also be rekeyed!

Concealed Shackle Padlocks

The Ultimate in burglar protection! Consealed Shackle Padlocks are just that, Padlocks without an exposed shackle! These are the ultimate padlock and a burglar’s worst nightmare. By concealing the shackle you eliminate the possibility of someone tampering with your shackle.

Weather Proof PadlockWeather Proof Padlocks

In harsh climate these weather resistant Padlocks are an excellent choice! The rubber housing helps protect your padlock from moister and debris.

Interchangeable Core (IC) PadlockInterchangeable Core (IC Core) Padlocks

We carry a variety of padlocks that will except both large and small format IC cores.

Specialty PadlockSpecialty Padlocks

The sky is the limit to Specialty Padlocks. We carry a wide range of specialty padlocks. Contact our sales department for help in your special need.

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