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Peep Holes

Take the guess work out of knowing who is knocking on your door by using a Peep Hole. Peep Holes come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Peep Hole 1Standard Peep Holes

These are the typical Peep Holes that are found on the front door of many homes and businesses. They are a wide angle lens that allows you to see more. These Peep Holes come in a variety of finishes.

Peep Hole 2Wide View Peep Holes

Wide View Peep Holes are much easier to view! Instead of having to literally “peep” through a little hole, Wide View Peep Holes allows you to comfortably view through a 2 inch screen! This is especially great for people that have vision issues and use glasses.

Peep Hole 3Camera Peep Holes

Wouldn’t be nice to see who is at the door with out even having to get up from your desk? Camera Peep Holes gives you that ability! Mount this Camera Peep Hole on your door and you can view it through its monitor.

Finishes and Styles

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