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Push Button Locks

Push Button locks are a good solution for controlling access by use of a combination instead of using keys or cards. The combinations can be changed upon request. We carry both mechanical and electronic Push Button Locks.

Push Button Lock 1Stand Alone Push Button Lock

These locks are ideal for smaller applications where there are only a few doors that need to be secured. These locks come both in Mechanical and Electronic versions. The mechanical version stores only one code, while the electronic can store multiple combinations. For more information on Electronic locks see Digital Locks.

Push Button Lock 2Rugged Locks

Push Button locks are very tough and durable locks! They are designed for heavy use.

Push Button Lock 3Control Access

With the Push Button locks that we carry, you are able to control what areas of your facility your people are allowed to access.

Push Button Lock 4Key Bypass

Push Button locks locks can come with a Key Bypass. This feature gives you the ability to gain access without having to push in the code.

Push Button Lock 5Reduce Keys

Last but definitely not least. Push Button locks are a great way to reduce the number of keys you have to carry with you!

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