Residential Hardware

We offer a wide range of residential products and hardware. From deadbolts to handles, keys to cameras, Southlock can get you fixed up so your home feels the safest it ever has.

Commercial Hardware

Our large selection of commercial hardware is unmatched. We can provide everything your business needs to be secure. Our technicians are trained and educated to work with you to come up with creative and effective security solutions that work best for you and your company. 

Access Conntrol

Do you have a large staff? Try our impressive line of access control products. From card readers to restricted key ways, there are plenty of simple solutions that are available to keep your business safe.

Emergency & Panic Hardware

In order to keep your building safe and up to code, you often need things like panic bars, alarm locks and paddle handles for your exit doors. Our technicians are able to assess situations, and help you make the best decision to keep you in business.

Door Accessories

Southlock also offers other door accessories to keep your home and or office running smoothly. We are able to install things from door closers to peep holes. Kick plates and door stops are great for extra protection on your door. Do you need a push plate or a pull handle on bathroom, kitchen, or even hallway door? We can help! Just ask us about the wide variety of other door accessory solutions we provide.