At Your Service!

Residential Customers

Whether buying a new house or finding yourself wanting a security update, Southlock can help. Our wonderful technicians are polite, courteous and respectful of your wants, needs, and your home. They are able to identify and solve problems on the spot.

Commercial Customers

We know how much your business means to you. Whether a large building or a small office, we have seen (and fixed) it all. We are able to offer everything you need to secure your business to keep you safe and successful!




Rekeying is the process we go through to change the keys that work in a lock. This process saves the need to replace the whole lock, thus saving time and money.

Master Keying


Master keying is a great option for your office. We can use master keying to restrict access for certain employees and grant you access to every lock with a single key.

Hardware Installations


You can trust our technicians to install your hardware with skill and precision. With things from door closers to cameras to door handles, our guys can do it all. Measure twice an cut once is a philosophy we live by so rest assured it will be correct the first time.

Combination & Battery Changes


Just like updating your password online, it is probably time to change the combinations on your push button locks and safe. An equally crucial step is changing the batteries. We can achieve all of the above in one trip!

Lock Outs


Unfortunately, it will happen to everyone at some point in their life. Fortunately, we are here and able to help! Give us a call and we will com let you back in, and maybe cut you one more key for these emergencies!

Key Duplications


Our technicians are prepared to cut keys at any time. We carry all popular key brands on all of our trucks so we are always ready! Our keys are purchased in bulk directly from the vendors allowing us to cut as many as needed and also allows us to offer the best prices possible.